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Adoption Case: 5,085 Cases

*We will introduce examples of made-to-order hoses as below.

Adoption Examples

Example 1: Tube for Large-Format Ink-Jet Printers

  • Multi-Layer and Laminated Tubing
  • An inner layer is made of fluorine or polyolefin
  • High Gas Barrier and Water Vapor Barrier Products
  • A Wide Variety of Size Available: I.D. 1mm – 8mm
  • Add colors, transparency and Multi-Line up to 8 Lines

*For more information on a tubing for ink-jet printers, please refer to “Products for Ink-Jet Printers.”

image_custom01Cross-section of Multi-Layer Tubing

Example 2: Industrial Ink-Jet Printers (Multi-Line Tubing)

  • Multi-layer tubings are processed up to 8 lines by heat seal. No glues are used.
  • Slit processing and layer-cut processing are possible. You do not have to use a cableveyor or tubing clips to protect each tubing.

Example 3: Conductive Paint Hoses

  • Use conductive resins for anti-static prevention
  • Select a wide variety of materials such as fluorine, olefin, nylon, urethane and PVC.
  • Suitable for flammable fluids such as gasoline, paints and thinner

Example 4: Water Filter and Water Purifier Hose

  • Sanitary Inner Layer added to Silver-Based Antimicrobial Agent
  • Low Elution Material which does not affect the water taste
  • Flexible, Odor-free Non-PVC Materials
  • Possible to add colors tailored to the water filter body

Example 5: Bending Tube and Coil Tube Processing

  • Possible to manufacture bending urethane tube such as L-shape and U-shape
  • Possible to cut the cost of intermediate fittings
  • Coil tube processing is stretchable and possible to save the space.
image_custom05Urethane Tube Bending Processing
image_custom06Coil Processing Tube

Example 6: High-Pressure Air Hose

  • High-pressure air hose stands up to 3.0MPa (30 Bar) and shows a property of smoothness. Also, we can manufacture flexible, high-pressure air hose with the original color and fittings for high-pressure air hose.
  • Our high-pressure air hose is a high quality hose, which has passed the endurance test conducted by air tool and compressor manufacturers.
image_custom07High-Pressure Air Hose

Example 7: Warming/Dew Condensation Prevention Hose (Foam Hose)

  • Coating PVC or Non-PVC materials onto the outer layer of hose and tubing
  • Outer color is gray or black.
  • I.D. 9mm – I.D. 32mm
image_custom08Foam Hose

Example 8: Anti-Spatter Air Hose

  • Coating incombustible resin onto hose and tubing
  • For dealing with sparks at the welding and sheet metal plants
  • Possible to manufacture hoses with HB-94 to V-0 materials (Based on UL regulations)
image_custom09Anti-Spatter Air Hose

Example 9: Carbonated Gas Barrier Hose

  • High Gas Barrier Hose which does not get the carbonate flat
image_custom10Vending Hose

Example 10: Tubing for Analytical, Medical and Dental Equipments

  • Multi-Layer fluorine tubing to keep chlorine density Keeping the level of chlorine density prevents the bacteria to grow, leading to high sanitation.
  • Flexible Tubing: High Flexibility and easy to use
  • Soft polyurethane tube also allows doctors to use easily.
  • We have supplied to endoscope and blood analyzer devices.
image_custom11Soft Tube for Dental Equipment

Made-To-Order Tube/Hose

For more information on actual examples of made-to-order products, please click below.


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