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We propose the best hose for use with the material and structure that meets your needs.
Please tell us the current problems (such as a hard hose, special size, and long delivery date).
HAKKO can propose the best hose for customers, since we have already proposed more than 5,000 made-to-order hoses so far. If you have trouble with hose, tube and fittings, please consult with HAKKO CORPORATION.

Please enter the required information on the form below and press the [Confirm Input] button.

The personal information you enter is only used to answer your inquiry.
Personal information necessary for contact and other information may be provided to our company and related parties concerned, but not to third parties except for other contractors.
If the person is requested to disclose personal information (Disclosures of registered personal information, correction of contents, addition or deletion, suspension of use, elimination and suspension of provision to third parties), he/she shall respond without delay.
Please refer to “About Protecting Personal Information” for other personal information handling.

Please wait for a few moments until the inquiry form is displayed. If the inquiry form is not displayed, please contact.


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