We are glad to inform you that we have our new product, "Heat Resistant Soft Tubing 100℃ [E-HRT]".

E-HRT is made of FDA 21 CFR materials.

E-HRT is suitable for the following applications.
●For Hot Water Cleaning at 100$^\circ$C (212 $^\circ$F)
●For Mold Cooling Applications
●To Increase the Gas Barrier (As an Alternative for Silicone Tubing)
●For Peristaltic Pump Tubing
●For Transferring Food and Beverage
●For Transferring Cosmetics and Fragrance
●For Transferring High Purity Chemicals such as Fine Chemical
●For Chemical Piping such as Acid and Alkali Transfer
●For Pinch Valve

For more product details, please visit the following webpage: https://hakko-eightron.com/product/e-hrt/