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If you are interested in purchasing HAKKO products outside Japan, please send us an inquiry.
We have a worldwide distributor network, so you can purchase our product locally.
Our distributor keeps a stock of HAKKO products, so the delivery time is relatively short.
If you are not sure where you can purchase from, please send an inquiry to us below.
Also, we are expanding the global networks to meet needs to purchase made-in-Japan HAKKO products locally. If you would like to become one of our distributors of HAKKO products, we are happy to consult with you. Please write your messages and send an inquiry from below.

Frequently Asked Question

Question: Do you have the list price for HAKKO products?
Answer: No. HAKKO products do not have the list price. Please talk to our distributor for price.
If you do not know where our local distributor is, please send an inquiry from below.

Question: How long does it take to receive products after we place an order?
Answer: Please check with our distributor.

Question: Do you use a special cardboard or packaging which is tolerant with export?
Answer: Yes. We have a double-carton cardboard, which is exclusively for export. When we export our products to oversea, we will use a thicker cardboard to avoid the potential damage of the product.

Question: What mode of shipment is available?
Answer: Depending on your budget and delivery time, you can choose either sea shipment or air shipment.
For air shipment, major courier services (such as DHL, FedEx, UPS, and EMS) and other logistics services are available for use.

Question: Can we have a meeting online?
Answer: Yes, we can schedule an online meeting. Please click below and give us the possible date and time slots under "Your Message" section.

Meeting Request Form


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