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About Protecting Your Private Information

HAKKO CORPORATION recognizes that our mission is to ensure proper use and protection of personal information. Every person involved in our company understands the importance of personal information protection and strives to maintain and ensure the protection.

Please read this privacy policy thoroughly before browsing our website.

Revised: August 10, 2019

Article 1: Definition
Article 2: Scope of this Privacy Policy
Article 3: Collection of Personal Data
Article 4: Purpose of Data Processing and Legal Grounds
Article 5: Transfer and Deposit of Personal Data to Third Parties
Article 6: Security
Article 7: Retention Period
Article 8: About COOKIES
Article 9: The Rights of Website User
Article 10: Inquiries
Article 11: General Provisions

Article 1: Definition

The definitions of terms in this privacy policy are as follows:

Applicable Privacy Laws
HAKKO CORPORATION complies with the General Data Protection Regulation:「GDPR」, Personal Information Protection Law, Ministries and Agencies, and other relevant laws and regulations.

Agreements on goods or services between our customers and HAKKO CORPORATION

Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy written on this web link

Personal Data
Any information relating to persons that can be identified or identified by HAKKO CORPORATION as described in Article 3 of this Privacy Policy

Includes a single or a series of tasks implemented for personal data or a series of personal data, collection of data, and inclusion of information such as disclosure, data collection, modification, recording, editing, structuration, preservation, revision, restoration, reference, utilization, and other provisions such as alignment, binding, restriction, and elimination.

Juridical persons, natural persons, government authorities, agencies, and other persons who decide the purpose and means of processing personal data independently or jointly with others

Our Website

Our Company
Unity Forum 5F, 42-18, 1-Chome Itabashi-Ku, Tokyo 173-0004 JAPAN

Article 2: Scope of this Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies to the individual use by “Web Site Users” and the processing of personal data through the website, which applies to the applicable privacy laws. The manager of this processing is our company.

Our website may contain third-party information (Examples: Hyperlinks). HAKKO CORPORATION does not manage the third-party information and are not responsible for compliance with applicable privacy laws of the third parties. Please read the privacy policy of the third party website before you access to our website.

Article 3: Collection of Personal Data

HAKKO CORPORATION may obtain the following personal data from our website users:
a. Corporate Name and Department
b. Person in Charge (Name and Address)
c. Phone Number
d. Email Address
e. IP Address

HAKKO CORPORATION does not collect sensitive personal data such as passport information.

HAKKO CORPORATION collects personal data when the following actions have been made by our website users:
a. Send an Inquiry Form through “
b. Send a Sample Request Form through “
c. Send a Quotation Request Form through “
d. Send a Catalog Download Request Form through “
e. Send a Made-to-Order Hose Inquiry Sheet Form through “
f. Send a Job Application Form through our Website
g. Browsing our Website

As stated in this Privacy Policy, HAKKO CORPORATION processes corporate and personal data only in accordance with applicable privacy laws.

Our website servers are located in Japan.

Article 4: Purpose of Data Processing and Legal Grounds

HAKKO CORPORATION collects and processes personal data only for the purposes of the following.

a. Fulfillment of Contract or Response to Requests from our Website Users:
If our website users place an order through our website, HAKKO CORPORATION may process the personal data of the user to fulfill the contract. This includes processing of goods and services. HAKKO CORPORATION does not process personal data beyond the scope of fulfilling the contract.

b. Communication: Our Personal Data for Our Website Users
(i) HAKKO CORPORATION will send our products, catalogs, product samples, direct mail (DM), fax, and e-mail to doing the relevant services, including doing after-sales services and introducing new products. (ii) It may be used to respond to customer complaints.
Our website stores personal data, so users do not need to enter personal data every time. The processing of personal data is necessary for performing the contract, that is to say, for fulfilling the required tasks to obtain the legitimate profits.

c. Marketing: If our website users apply for our company and our products, HAKKO CORPORATION will always obtain prior consent from our website users except that you placed an order for a similar product in the past.
Our website users have the right to stop using their telephone number and email address from our company at any time. The processing of personal data is required for the purpose of fulfilling the required tasks to obtain the legitimate profits and providing similar products and services. Or, this marketing activity is based on the prior consent of our website users.

d. After-Sales Services: If our website users request after-sales services, HAKKO CORPORATION may use the personal data of those users to provide after-sales services. The processing of personal data is necessary for performing the contract or for the purpose of fulfilling the required tasks to obtain the legitimate profits.

e. Job Application: HAKKO CORPORATION may use the personal data in order to respond to the application if the website users apply for hiring through the website.
The processing of personal data is necessary for the purpose of fulfilling the required tasks to obtain the legitimate profits, that is to say, for seeking and selecting job applicants. (As of June 2018, HAKKO CORPORATION are not recruiting any new staff.)

Other than the purpose of processing the personal data, HAKKO CORPORATION will provide information about the other objectives and all relevant additional information before proceeding with the process.

Article 5: Transfer and Deposit of Personal Data to the Third Parties

The customer name, department, name of the person in charge, physical address, telephone number, fax number, email address , and IP address of the customer collected by HAKKO CORPORATION shall not be provided or disclosed to the third parties unless any of the following is applicable:

a. When HAKKO CORPORATION has received a prior consent from you, HAKKO CORPORATION will pass your information to the third parties who have already forged confidential agreements with us. Even in this case, HAKKO CORPORATION requests the third parties to use personal information only for fulfilling the purposes such as delivering product samples, products, catalogs, and direct mails (DM), making a phone-call, or sending emails and faxes.

b. To use personal information with our affiliates to achieve the purpose of use specified by our customers

c. In case of using “Salesforce” [ServiceLightning Service Cloud – Enterprise Edition] (offered by, as customer information and newsletters sending from HAKKO CORPORATION are managed by “Salesforce.”

d. Cases where information must be provided, based on laws and regulations of the court

e. Where information is queried by legal and appropriate procedures from prosecution, police and supervisory agencies

Article 6: Security

To protect the personal data of our website users, HAKKO CORPORATION takes appropriate organizational and technical security measures to prevent unauthorized use, loss or modification of personal data. It also grants access to personal data to employees, agents, trustees, and other third parties who need the rights of accessing the data. Those persons assume confidentiality obligations, based on employment contracts or data processing contracts.

HAKKO CORPORATION has established our own information security guidelines, which includes data infringement policies when the data infringement occurs. This guideline is in accordance with HAKKO Information Security Guidelines. If necessary, based on the applicable privacy law, HAKKO CORPORATION reports to the authorities and our website users if data infringement occurs.

Our website is using SSL, so you can safely send your information. SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is an encryption protocol with cryptographic and authentication functions. SSL is also used to prevent data wiretapping, tampering, and forgery in sending and receiving sensitive data.

Article 7: Retention Period

HAKKO CORPORATION does not store the personal data of our website users beyond the scope of collecting data.

Our website users can request us to delete your personal data at any time. In addition, if personal data become no longer necessary for the purpose of collecting or processing the data, HAKKO CORPORATION will delete the personal data.

Article 8: About COOKIES

HAKKO CORPORATION uses cookie to function our website correctly.

Cookies are information stored on the user’s computer or the media displaying our website. HAKKO CORPORATION uses cookies for different purposes.

a. Functional Cookies: This is a cookie that our website needs to function properly and includes cookies that you need to avoid re-typing when you fill out each form.

b. Analysis Cookies: This cookie is used to obtain information on how our website (or the part of website) is browsed. As a result, HAKKO CORPORATION can improve our website and meet your interests. HAKKO CORPORATION uses the data acquired by cookies only to analyze our website.

HAKKO CORPORATION uses third-party cookies only to improve the quality and effectiveness of our website. HAKKO CORPORATION uses Google Analytics by respecting your privacy. Google Analytics handles IP addresses for our company. All inquiry forms on our website use MRC (Markerise Cloud) WEB forms provided by Markerise. Inc. MRC WEB forms are intended to handle communication procedures with our customers.

In most browsers, the setting for cookies is in valid. You can disable cookies by changing browser settings or display cookies when you send cookies. However, if cookies are disabled, features or services on our company or other websites may not be functioned properly.

Article 9: The Rights of the Website Users

If the processing of personal data is based on consent, the website user shall have the right to withdraw the consent relevant to the corporation and personal data at any time.

Our website users have the right to access to their personal data. This allows our website users to receive copies of their personal data stored by HAKKO CORPORATION.

The users of our website have the right to seek correction of the corporate and personal data held by HAKKO CORPORATION. This enables us to correct any incomplete or inaccurate data regarding our website users.

Our website users have the right to request deletion of corporate and personal data. This allows us to delete personal data that our company continues to process without justifiable reason.

Our website users have the right to make an objection to the processing of corporate and personal data that our company conducts for legitimate profits. If HAKKO CORPORATION is dealing with personal data for the purposes of direct marketing, HAKKO CORPORATION always accepts the objections of our customers.
If you are processing personal data for other purposes, HAKKO CORPORATION will suspend the processing of personal data unless (i) accessing to the website is prioritizes over non-accessing or (ii) there is any legitimate reason relating to the commencement or execution of legal actions or the proof of claim.

Our website users have the right to seek restrictions on the processing of corporate and personal data.

The user of our website has the right to request that the company and individuals transfer personal data to third parties. HAKKO CORPORATION provides the personal data of our site users to a third party in a generally used, machine-readable format. Please note that this right applies only to the automated information of the process used by our site users after HAKKO CORPORATION receives a prior consent from you or in order to implement the contract with our website users.

The exercise of the above rights is free of charges. HAKKO CORPORATION will immediately deal with your requests and will be done within one month after receiving requests. Depending on the complexity and number of claims, the processing of your request may take for additional two months. If processing your requests needs additional time, HAKKO CORPORATION will notify you within one month after receiving your request.

If your request for our website is clearly unsubstantiated or excessive or your request is made repeatedly, we have the right to request you to pay reasonable costs or refuse to respond to your request.

In addition to the above rights, our website users have the right to file complaints to the supervisors at any time. (In particular, the supervisors are ones located your domicile, company address, or the supervisory authorities of the EU member states who assume that GDPR is violated.) However, HAKKO CORPORATION would like to ask you to contact us prior to contacting the supervisors.

Article 10: Inquiries

If you have any questions or complaints, or if you wish to exercise the rights set forth in Article 9 of this Privacy Policy, please contact the following:

Unity Forum 5F, 42-18, 1-Chome Itabashi-Ku, Tokyo 173-0004 JAPAN
TEL: +81-3-3963-5381
FAX: +81-3-3961-4400

Person in Charge: Yusuke Makino (Sales Department)


Article 11: General Provisions

HAKKO CORPORATION has the authority to delete the corporate and personal information of our website users without any prior notice. When the company or personal information is deleted, we are not responsible for any loss of our website users caused by this deletion.

HAKKO CORPORATION reserves the right to periodically revise this Privacy Policy. The applicable clauses should be periodically reviewed at the responsibility of our website users. This Privacy Policy was last revised in August 2019.

Where the provisions of this Privacy Policy violate laws and regulations, the provisions shall be deemed to be subject to law and shall be replaced by the similar provisions reflecting their intent. In this case, the other provisions shall continue to apply without any change.


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