Frequently Asked Question

Question: What is the minimum length of Ferrule Fittings Products for each size?
Answer: Please refer to the table below.

Model NumberEnd-to-End Miminum Length

Question: Is it possible to crimp ferrule fittings only on one side?
Answer: Yes. We sell “one-side” ferrule fitting product called “SIDE-FREE” ferrule fitting product.
The model number will be E-SJSD-(I.D.Size)-(Ferrule Size)-OSF.
Please check the price and delivery time in advance.

Question: What are ISO and IDF?
Answer: ISO and IDF are the international standards for ferrule fittings. For each dimentional size of ISO and IDF, please download the product leaflet.

Question: Will you be able to submit the mill sheet (inspection certificate)?
Answer: Yes. Upon request, we can submit the mill sheet. Please do not forget to inform this to your local dealer or HAKKO CORPORATION.