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Regulations and Certificate

Question 1: What is "SDS" ("MSDS")?

Answer 1: "SDS" ("MSDS") stands for "(Material) Safety Data Sheet." "Safety Data Sheet" is a material-based datasheet. If you need "SDS" ("MSDS"), please send your inquiry from here.

Question 2: Our customers request a certificate of RoHS 2 compliance. Can we obtain?

Answer 2: Yes, we can issue a certificate of RoHS 2 compliance. Please click here.

Question 3: Our customers request a certificate of REACH or SVHC compliance. Can we obtain?

Answer 3: Yes, we can issue a certificate of REACH or SVHC. Please fill out the form from below.

Question 5: Do you have a food grade certificate for HAKKO products?

Answer 5: Yes, you can download online. Please visit each product page and click "Food Grade Certificate Request."

Question 6: Our customers asked whether or not HAKKO products are UL-certified. Do you have that data?

Answer 6: No. HAKKO products are not certified with UL. However, we can provide a third-party UL certificate for some products. Please click here.

Question 7: Are HAKKO products FDA compliant?

Answer 7: We are sorry to inform you that HAKKO catalog products are not compliant with FDA. However, we can produce a hose with FDA-approval materials. If you are interested in our custom-made hose with FDA approval, please contact us from here.

Question 8: Are HAKKO hoses DOP (DEFP) free?

Answer 8: Yes. All HAKKO standard catalog products are DOP (DEHP) free.

Question 9: What is ATEX? Do HAKKO Hoses comply with ATEX requirements?

Answer 9: ATEX means "Potentially Explosive Atmosphere" (explosive atmosphere) in English. This terminology is often heard in the European Community (EC). However, as a hose itself, HAKKO cannot obtain the certificate of ATEX. Thus, customers need to apply for ATEX certificate as a unit, not a hose itself.

Question 10: What is PFOA?

Answer 10: PFOA is one of the environmental regulations. Due to the revision of REACH regulations, PFOA substances are strictly regulated under the certain threshold. HAKKO can check whether or not our products are compliant in PFOA regulations. Please send your inquiry from here by informing the part number and product name.

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