1. We do not have our original fittings for E-SJAST-8$\times$10.
  2. In case you have to use your fittings other than our original fittings, due to the laminated structure tubing, please use the joints to seal an inner surface of the tubing. Please do not use the joints to seal an outer surface of the tubing. This may result in the bursting or coming off from the tubing.
  3. When you use our products, please refer to "Precautions for Use."
  4. In terms of chemical resistance, please refer to "Chemical Resistance Data."
  5. Although the inner layer is made of ETFE fluorine, please make sure whether or not E-SJAST is usable for high purity fluids before you use.
  6. Although the inner layer is resistant to fluids, depending on working environments, the fluids would be permeated through the inner layer, resulting in the danger of swelling and degradation of the middle or outer layer.
  7. Please do not use this product in food applications.
  8. E-SJAST does not have the function to neutralize charged fluids. Please take separate measures for charged fluids. We are not responsible for any human or physical damage that might occur before or after both ends of E-SJAST.
  9. E-SJAST does not necessarily guarantee the prevention of disaster. Any safety control (such as flow velocity limitation for flammable, explosive, and low-conductivity substances, and lowering of spray concentration) should be managed by the user.
  10. The anti-static material bleeds onto the surface of the tubing, providing an anti-static effect. Washing the surface by water or wiping off the surface might decrease the anti-static effect. In addition, the anti-static material in the tubing decreases over time.