How to Install the Fittings

E-EM_E-EO_E-EMU_How to Install the Fittings

Applicable Hose

(A) NEW FLEX Air Hose [Model Number: E-NF]

(B) Soft NEW FLEX Air Hose [Model Number: E-SNF]

(C) Soft NEW FLEX Air Hose (Red Color) [Model Number: E-SNF-RED]

Frequently Asked Question

Question: Can we install E-RSS/E-RSP with Air Hose by ourselves?
Answer: Yes, you can install E-RSS/E-RSP Fittings with Air Hose at site. If this is troublesome for you, we can install E-RSS/E-RSP fittings. In this case, please use the model number either E-SNF-RC or E-NF-RC.