1. Due to the laminated structure tubing, please use the joints to seal an inner surface of the hose.
  2. Please do not use the joints to seal an outer surface of the hose. This may result in the bursting or coming off from the hose.
  3. When you use our products, please refer to "Precautions for Use." ("The Precautions for Use" is also available at the product specifications of E-PFN, which can be downloadable from here.)
  4. In terms of chemical resistance, please refer to "Chemical Resistance Data."

Case Study

Problem: Nylon paint hose is very stiff and difficult to use.

Company A has been using a nylon paint hose. However, paint line operators are complained about the stiffness of the hose. In order to mitigate the dissatisfaction, a factory manager has to look for a softer paint hose.

HAKKO Solution:

HAKKO proposed E-PFN: Paint Flex-Nylon Hose and provided a sample. An inner layer of E-PFN is made of nylon resin, while an outer layer is made of polyurethane. Due to this multi-layer structure, E-PFN is much more flexible than a nylon hose. Paint line operators are satisfied with the flexibility of the hose, and a factory manager finds that lifetime of E-PFN is almost the same as a nylon hose. Thus, Company A decided to use E-PFN.

Selection Chart Based on Types of Solvents


Selection Chart for Solvents

Product Model NumberI.D SizeChemical Resistance of Inner LayerAnti-StaticVacuumColor
E-SJ2mm - 9mm
1/8" - 3/8"
E-SJECO4mm - 6mm$\times$$\times$Clear
E-SJAST4mm - 8mm$\times$Clear
E-SJ-CBU2mm - 8mm$\times$$\times$Clear Blue
E-SJB9mm - 38mm$\times$$\times$Clear
E-SJSP12mm - 38mm$\times$Clear
E-SJD6mm / 8mm$\times$Sliver
E-SJSD12mm - 25mmSliver
E-PFN6.5mm / 8.9mm$\times$$\times$Clear
E-SV6.5mm - 9.5mm$\times$Clear

Chemical Resistance: = Better = Best
Anti-Static: = Yes $\times$ = No
Vacuum: = Yes $\times$ = No